Archives: 01.2011

Laws of simplicity


I recently read this amazing book by John Maeda, about simplicity. I highly recommend it to anyone, developers and designers. John Maeda is at the exact frontier of both worlds, touching excellence… He present’s what simplicity really is, or sould be, with ten laws to achieve it. The ten laws are: Reduce The [...]



In Objective-C, NSLog is great to debug software. Similar functions can be used in C, with Mac OS X, by using the ASL – Apple System Log – library. ASL consists of routines providing an interface to the Apple System Log facility, which is intended to be a replacement for the SysLog API. It allows client [...]

Xeos: memory allocator & LLVM


Today I’ve written the first lines of code for the Xeos memory allocator. For now, I won’t implement the malloc() set of functions in the C library, because I haven’t implemented the brk and mmap system calls. Doing this would surely be fun, but right now I need to code some other kernel stuff. So I [...]

VPS switch


A few days ago, I received a mail from the swiss hosting company I usually work with. They told me the eosgarden’s website used too much resources on the shared server. O_o The traffic has indeed increased. About 300% more, based on Google analytics stats. A few apps on MacUpdate, a few tweets about the apps, and [...]

Job opportunity at Apple


Just woke up with a great news today! I’ve been contacted by a recruiter from Apple, asking me to send my resume. Maybe California is not so far away after all! It would be a great experience, both at the technical and human level. Hope to be able to give more news on the next weeks… By the way, the temperature [...]

Looking for a job


I’ve now officially quitted my job as a mobile & web CTO. So I’m now looking for a new job, in Mac & iOS development, C / C++ development. If you’re interested, here’s a link to my full resume. Simply send me an email to get in touch!

Process Renicer


Here’s a little preview of eosgarden’s next freeware: ProcessRenicer. Basically, it shows up the active processes, and adds the possibility to change to process nice value. For those who don’t know what the nice value is, here’s the description from Wikipedia: The name “nice” comes from [...]

C – Reverse string search


I just noticed that there is no strrstr() function in the standard C library. I needed that for a project, using ANSI-C. So I wrote it. Here’s the code, maybe it can be helpfull for someone else… : ) char * strrstr( char * s1, char * s2 ); char * strrstr( char * s1, char * s2 ) { char * ss1; char * sss1; char * [...]

Hello world: introducing eosgarden’s blog


Welcome to noxeos, the new eosgarden’s blog! I’ll write down here stuff related to the eosgarden’s activities, software development and releases, miscellaneous code related stuff, Mac & iOS development tips, etc. For the curious, the name noxeos comes from the latin word for night (nox) and the greek [...]