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About selling software


As a programmer, I do love developing freeware, or OpenSource software. But sometimes, it’s just not an option. When you passed just too many days and nights coding, you’ll certainly think about selling your software. The question is how? Selling a software implies creating a web-shop, with credit-card support, [...]

Mac OS X Lion – Server Side


Server Stats Web Server Address Book Alerts Groups Hardware iCal Mail PodCast Profiles Sharing Time Machine Users VPN Wiki

Mac OS X Lion – Screens


Finder – All My Files Finder -Applications Finder -AirDrop Preferences – Internet Accounts Preferences -Disk Encryption AddressBook iCal iCal DashBoard Mail LaunchPad Expose  

Interview with Apple


The interview is done! Two hours, with a SpringBoard Apps manager, and a GameKit manager, writing C code on a sheet of paper. Linked lists, hash tables, big O notation, search algorithms, bitwise operations… Everything on paper. It’s kinda hard! And I have to say I felt stupid some times… But they said I [...]

MWC – Barcelona


Tomorrow morning, I’ll flight to Barcelona. I’ll be there till sunday. I don’t know if I’ll be able to attend the Mobile World Congress, but I’ll try eventually. On Friday, I’ve got a meeting with Apple. Job interview with 3 iOS engineers managers, plus a recruiter. Cross your fingers! [...]

WebStart Light


Today, I decided to create a light and free version of WebStart. It will only include Apache 2, MySQL 5.1, and PHP 5.3. Only one virtual host will be available by default (but you can still tweak the configuration files). No log file viewing, no configuration editing, no OpenLDAP, no easy website creation and management, [...]

WebStart installer is ready


Today, I ended the development of the WebStart custom installer. I’ve just tested the application on a fresh Mac OS X installation, and everything is working like a charm, out of the box. Now, I just need to finish writing the documentation, for the application and on the website, take a decision for the pricing, and [...]

WebStart announced!


Today, I decided to announce WebStart, eosgarden’s major product. No release date has been fixed, but I’m very close to the end of the development. The main purpose of WebStart is to provide you with a workable web and database server. Therefore, it includes the Apache 2 HTTP server (with the PHP scripting [...]

A look at the ARM architecture


I must say I’m a big fan of the x86 architecture, and Intel processors, especially when writing assembly code. The instruction set on that type of processors is nice, there’s not too much registers… In one word: SISC. At the opposite, I always felt completely stupid with RISC processors. From the PPC [...]



Here’s a little preview of what’s coming next… WebStart is an webserver control application, including full-featured Apache, MySQL, OpenLDAP servers, as well as a complete development environment for OS X. The application was originally developed on Mac OS X 10.4, so I’m going to update it for 10.6, [...]

About compiler optimizations


I came into some interesting stuff some time ago, while trying to detect performance issues in some ANSI-C software. Sometimes, while coding, it may be difficult to decide whether to use a recursive function or a loop, and if so, what kind of loop. The best example, is the factorial computation. That example is typically [...]

XCode Build Settings


For the curious, here are the build settings I use and recommend, when using XCode for Mac and iOS applications. Most of them activates the highest possible error reporting level. At first sight, it may seem it’s hard to code with those settings, but it really saves you a lot of time debugging your app. Most of the [...]

FileSystem for iPhone


I’m about to release an iPhone app I created a (very) long time ago. It allows to browse through the whole iPhone file system, displaying files and directories, with infos and previews. I doubt such an app will be validated by the AppStore team, but who knows. I had to re-create the project with the new XCode 4, [...]

Next freeware: Siege GUI


I’m now working on eosgarden’s next freeware: a GUI over the siege webserver load testing and benchmarking tool. Informations about siege can be found here: Don’t know yet when this will be released, but stay tuned… : )

Minor updates


Some minor updates to the eosgarden’s freeware line. PropEdit has been updated to version 1.0.1: Download page ConsoleGrowl has been updated to version 1.2.2: Download page No new feature. Those new releases contains only minor bugfixes.

Release: ProcessRenicer


Version 1.0 of ProcessRenicer has been released! You can download it from the eosgarden’s website for now, but the app has been submitted to MacUpdate and to the Mac AppStore as well. Enjoy!