Archives: 04.2011

C – Function call stack on Windows


For the XSFoundation project, I’ve coded an integrated debugger, that signals memory faults. On Mac OS X or Unix-like system, I can use the backtrace() function, from execinfo.h to retrieve a function call stack, when necessary. This way, when a fault occurs, the debugger can show you where the fault occurred. As [...]

The next big thing: XSFoundation


Long time since I haven’t posted here. I’m currently coding eosgarden’s next big thing. A project called XSFoundation. It consist of a portable C library. By portable, I mean it can run on POSIX compliant systems, such as Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, as well as Windows. A few time ago, I started an insane [...]

Face Detection on iPhone


I’ve just released a example iPhone app that uses OpenCV to do face recognition. The OpenCV port for iOS is available on GitHub, as well as the example app. Enjoy!

Migration to GitHub


I’ve just migrated all eosgarden’s OpenSource projects from GoogleCode to GitHub. I must say I still prefer SVN over GIT, as a version control system. That said, that’s maybe because I got a strong experience with SVN, and not with GIT. For now, the cool thing about GIT is the local commits. You [...]